Web Maintenance Packages

Web Maintenance Packages

Web Maintenance Package

Web Maintenance Package

Why Would You Need A Monthly Web Maintenance Package?

 It’s a great question. Mainly because it will save you a lot of money in the long-run. What we do here can add up if you start paying on a per-hour or per-update basis. And, just like you want to take your car to an expert to be serviced, you want your on-going web work to be handled by professionals, and these Web Maintenance Packages make it easy, painless, and affordable for you to make sure your website is in the best hands, with Erick’s Webs Design Team ready to “GET IT DONE”, and “GET IT DONE RIGHT”, for you.

Now that your site is up and running, you need a monitoring & ongoing backup solution in place to guard against site corruption as a result of server malfunctions, or malicious attacks by hackers and the like. You need all the latest security updates and bug fixes for NOT ONLY your site’s CMS, but also the many plugins and widgets that go along with it. Don’t lose precious time, money and work, we make peace of mind affordable.


You are now free to do what you do best, while we do what we do best.

Affordable Web Maintenance Packages

We have set up several web maintenance packages and chances are, that one is right for you. It’s Month-to-month, no contracts, and you can cancel at anytime. If you don’t see what you need here, we will custom-make a truly perfect package just for you, just ask. Click below to join.

Available Packages

Web Maintenance Services May Also Include:

    • Adding/removing/changing: pages, text, links, images.
    • Upgrades to CMS Software: Joomla,
    • Drupal, WordPress, plug-in’s, security, bug fixes.
    • Site performance testing: verify link & page functionality; web security.
    • Install & monitor Google Analytics.
    • Monthly visitor reports.
    • Email configuration.
    • Archiving content.
    • Database back-up: archived or emailed to client.
    • Consultation & Recommendations for upgrades/improvements

Please Note:

    • “1 Service” = 1 hour of Erick’s Webs time, which is suitable for 90% of updates, fixes, and other general issues – if there is an issue we discover will take several hours to fix because of its complexity, you will be billed the difference. (We will get approval for the extra time from you before starting work.)
    • Rush, weekend, or holiday service: $99 one time charge.
    • Additional time: $85/hour for non-contract packages or special projects.
    • Unused updates do not roll over to the new month (applies to all packages).
    • Billing for service is available Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Payments are non-refundable.
    • Packages do not include any services listed in “Additional Services” below:
    • Additional Website Development, Design and Web Content Services, such as new design/layout, and copywriting.
    • Graphic design support: layout changes; image procurement; image scanning, resizing, & optimization; color & font optimization; logo refinement.
    • Website custom programming, special functionality, external app integration, forms, etc.
    • Tech support: troubleshooting; problem fixes from previous developers; programming (e.g. Flash, database, asp.net, php, cf, html); script fixes & installs.
    • Marketing & SEO support.
    • Copywriting & article/content procurement.
    • Database creation & management.
    • eCommerce (shopping cart install, management, maintenance).
    • Top level creative and strategic planning.
    • Google Adwords or other online marketing / advertising.
    • (Rates vary depending on complexity of service. Range is $85 – $145/hour)